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The Woman Behind the Scenes

Jocelyn Greenky Herz


Jocelyn is an accomplished digital, creative and business development executive, and internationally published author, with a wealth of experience in all forms of media, particularly online and mobile, as well as consumer marketing / branding, television and radio production.  She has worked with both large media companies and start-ups in the areas of strategy, business development, revenue generation and emerging technologies.


Jocelyn has acute marketing instincts, experienced-backed judgment and excellent timing. Recognized for unique and consistent ability to identify market opportunities and create pragmatic, transformative business strategies that create large value where it previously didn’t exist.


Throughout her career, Jocelyn has provided mentoring to help tomorrow’s aspiring leaders achieve their full potential. She currently is a mentor with Women in Communications, Women’s Entrepreneur Network, Women in Technology and EverWise. Prior, she was an AOL Coach and advisor with the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program.


Jocelyn happened to grow up on a farm—although you would never know it. When Jocelyn is enjoying some personal time, she tends to two kids, farms her own garden and literally chases two Labrador Retrievers around Scarsdale, New York. She is a graduate of Syracuse University.

The Team


Jen Halweil

Professional Storyteller & Brand Strategist

Paige Herman-Axel

Writer, editor, beauty expert

Julie Brimberg


Stephanie Knuth

Director of Events

Sylvia Kovacs

Web Developer / Graphic Designer

Aida Martínez

Web Developer

Digital creativity unleashed

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Inspiring others leads to the greatest success #MotivationMonday